Let’s Play Together!

It’s a brand New Year! This is our time for a fresh start. We sort through the events of the past year and look at things we would like to change. Then we make a list of resolutions: exercise, eat better, spend smarter, etc. How many of us included “Play More” on our list? We don’t really view play as important, but it is in so many ways.

Play makes us better problem solvers.
Games that challenge your critical thinking skills help create pathways in the brain that aid us in real life situations. Games can actually be a training ground for our problem solving skills.

Play fosters camaraderie and teamwork
Playing as a team to win a game or achieve a goal teaches both children and adults how to find common ground and work together.

Play inspires creativity
Play draws on imagination and frees us up to think “outside of the box”. It also teaches us how to use our imagination in the context of those parameters and rules.

Play brings people closer
Was one of your resolutions to spend more time with a loved one, your family or friends? Playing games is a fun way to spend time together. Because people often drop their guard when they are playing, laughing and having a good time, they connect in a way that is stronger.

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2 Responses to Let’s Play Together!

  1. Tammy says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for keeping us all playing together!

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