3 Brainy Gifts for Guys

Hi everyone, BrainCoach Henry here.  I heard you were having a tough time crossing things off the list this year.   Tell me about it, I’m about half way through my list and already up to my knees in yuletide carols.  But I’m a guy and I think like a guy so usually my easiest person to shop for is…ummm, the guys.  My Grandpa, Dad, Brother, and my little nephew are all already crossed off the list because I hitched my open sleigh on the one horse headed towards Marbles the Brain Store. Several sparks and traffic violations later, I’m halfway closer to completing my shopping for the season.  Let me give you a couple of tips for the gentlemen that might also just carry some hidden brainy benefits:

1: Katamino Deluxe
My Grandpa is a little old fashioned.  He may have fought in the second great world war but he still loves a good puzzle as much as the next guy.  But not just any old puzzle will trick Poppy, unless it’s just the right amount of challenging.  Katamino Deluxe is the perfect gift for someone of the puzzle mind.  It’s comprised of 12 natural wooden pentaminos (Tetris pieces) and comes with a guide for setting up over 100 puzzles.  The game look awesome, it’s the perfect amount of challenging, and also includes a 2 player game to give your frontal cortex an extra boost.

2.  “I took that name memory course from ole what’s his name.” says my dad every time he’s searching for a name he can’t seem to remember.  And though we joke about him losing his memory all the time, there are actual steps you can take and exercises you can do to help strengthen and improve your temporal lobe.  My dad still meets tons of people for his job and it’s important to keep fresh on names because it makes for good business.  This DVD goes a step further with name recall by disproving the effectiveness of ASSOCIATION and explains a new approach of high definition memory using the D.I.S.K. system.  You have to see it to believe it but its pretty incredible and super effective.  Also at Marbles, when you purchase Remembering Names DVD you also get Remembering the Basics DVD for free. Just try to beat that, Amazon.

3. Sifteo Cubes
When we got these in the store, I couldn’t keep my hand off of them.  They are like 3tiny iPods that work together in harmony and actually help your brain.  I thought of my brother and little nephew immediately. Sifteo Cubes are the latest and greatest in hands on technology.  It’s a set of 3 cubes, each with a full color LCD display and a variety of motion sensors, which create endless options for fun and learning. Sifteo Cubes are perfect for helping beginner reading and math skills plus a huge variety of fun games for all ages.  And here’s the kicker, you buy additional games by mastering games you already own.  Complete a game and earn points, then go on the Sifteo store and purchase new games with those points.  Literally, the gift that keeps on giving!

So now you are a couple steps closer to completing your shopping for the year.  I hope my ideas have helped inspire you to fire up the dudes in your life to exercise their brain more.  Of course Dad could always use another tie, junior has to have that new Batman video game, and it’ll be hilarious when grandpa opens up those crazy pills BUT try switching it up this year and see if the gift of games will have a larger impact.

From our brainy family to yours, Happy Brainy-Days!

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