Marbles Top 10 Gifts for Grandparents

Following our Top 10 Gift List for Kids that was announced yesterday, we wanted to release our Top 10 List of Gifts for Seniors!  All items are hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiable fun ways to a healthier brain, and are sure to please any aging brain. (Really they will please anyone, whether you’re 8 or 108!)

Marbles Good Thinking Kit – This portable kit boasts over 100 activities to help improve your memory, critical thinking, coordination, visual perception and word skills. Uber-cute packaging makes the Good Thinking Kit a smart gift for all your brainy chic friends. Being the thoughtful gift-giver that you are, we think you deserve a Good Thinking Kit for yourself, too.

Marbles Human Brain Puzzle – Ever wondered what a cross section of your brain would look like if were illustrated, had actual labels for the various areas and had little characters acting out the functions of each area? Well, wonder no more. Illustrated by Mike Evans, a masters student at the Illinois Institute of Art, the Marbles Human Brain Puzzles provides all of the requirements of a great jigsaw puzzle (bright contrasting colors, interesting images, challenging sections) with an educational twist (learn about your brain while having fun doing it)

Tic Tac Two – The object of this two-player game is to get three in a row, like classic TicTacToe. But, the unique design of TicTacTwo turns traditional game play on its ear by allowing the grid to move along the board. Play this game over and over again and never see the same strategy twice.

Buckyballs – As one of our top-sellers, we think a more fitting name for these magnetic little marvels would have been ‚”Totally Addictive Magnetic Balls that Look Really Cool and Will Give Your Brain One Heckuva Workout.” However, the manufacturer opted for “Buckyballs” after Buckminster Fuller, the American architect best known for his geodesic dome. Besides, Buckyballs rolls off the tongue better and fits much more nicely on the box.

Tangoes Deluxe – Based on the 4,000-year-old Chinese Tangram puzzle, these brain-boosting little beauties make a stunning coffee table display and a smart gift for hard-to-impress clients and discerning executive types. The Deluxe Tangoes set comes packaged in a sleek case handcrafted from walnut and aluminum with two sets of seven walnut and aluminum playing pieces and 27 cards with 54 puzzles and solutions.

Sherlock DeluxeAs Sherlock searches for clues, players are asked to recall objects on a facedown card. If the player is correct, the card is turned face-up and Sherlock moves on. If Sherlock lands on a face-up card, the player gets to keep that card. The first player to collect six cards wins. For adults, the game just might help you remember that you left your keys in the freezer. Sorry, when it comes to figuring out what possessed you to put them there in the first place, you’re on your own.

Pengoloo – Pengoloo is as much fun as one of penguins’ favorite pastimes: sliding down icy hills on their bellies! The best part? This charming game works your memory without you even realizing it. (The greatest brain health games are sneaky like that.)

Rush Hour – This multi-award winner is one of our bestsellers. Perhaps it’s the fun of setting up the game board based on pictures of traffic jams and then plotting your escape as you slide cars and trucks out of the way. Or maybe it’s because Rush Hour looks like a kid’s game but it’s challenging to even the best adult puzzlers.

Dakim Brain Fitness – With an easy-to-use program, new brain games installed almost every night and engaging content from old movies and TV shows, Dakim Brain Fitness Software the ultimate in computerized cognitive stimulation for seniors. Based on standardized neurological tests and exercises developed by brain scientists over the past 30 years, Dakim Brain Fitness Software can help prevent or slow the development of dementia through activities that exercise all six cognitive domains, including long-term memory, short-term memory, language, computation, visuospatial orientation and critical thinking.

Little Black & White Book of Crosswords – Of course, there are other crossword puzzles out there. But The New York Times Crossword is the gold standard. The bible. The one that all others are measured against. Now you can get 200 of these brilliant bad boys in The New York Times Little Black (and White) Book of Crosswords from puzzle master Will Shortz.

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  1. Debbie says:

    These are some good ideas! I typed in “things for old people” and found sites dedicated to things for seniors and the elderly. Thanks for writing this so I have some more gifts for old people ideas!

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