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The X-Cube is a twisting logic puzzle that, when solved, forms an 'X' and has all 6 colors oriented in the same directions.

The X-Cube has 52 moving parts, 102 stickers, and 125 decillion possible permutations. That's 125,486,757,308,950,508,983,252,156,416,000,000 (1.254x10^35) permutations!

That's over 2 quadrillion times more permutations than the original 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube for all you cube geeks, over 208 billion moles of permutations for all you chemistry geeks, and all you math geeks can check the math.

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The Idea

A twisting logic puzzle that forms an 'X' and has all 6 colors face the same direction.

The Brains

Strengthens focus & attention and challenges problem solving skills.

The A-Ha

The X-Cube has 52 moving parts, 102 stickers, and 125 decillion possible permutations.

Brain Health Expert Says

Helps spatial perception, problem-solving and patience. The parietal lobe is used during spatial vision and short-term memory- this gives these a workout!

The Brain Coach Says

Bored of the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube? X-Cube is your ticket to algorithmic euphoria. Not only is it a unique take on the old formula, it looks really darn cool when all mixed up.

A Rubik's puzzle with extra 'oomph.' 

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Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players1

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Not bad


The x cube is a great idea and an easy brain teaser you just need to know how to solve the 4x4x4 Rubik's cube And the 3x3x5 but the Turing is not great.

You're my boy X-cube!


This thing rocks my socks!!! Mind=blown!



I tried to solve the cube in the shop. After 90 minutes I was to hungry and bought it.The turn speed on the X-Cube is better then expected.Greetings from GermanyMarten

A must for any Rubik's enthusiast


A great puzzle which was masterminded by a Chicago teenager with a brainstorm. The puzzle has provided me a with a lot of fun and a whole new set of challenges. It twists, turns, and has the feel of a genuine Rubik's cube but it doesn't come with any "cheat sheets" on how to solve it. The price is a bit high but since I'm a Rubik's fan it's worth it.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 7
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