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Warning: we are not responsible if you throw V-Cube 5 across the room in a fit of puzzle-solving fury. The smoothest and sturdiest five-layer cube on the market consists of 98 pieces called “cubies” and has a mind-blowing 283 duodecillion possible permutations, give or take a few. Twist, rotate and scratch your head to your heart’s content. But remember, this is not all fun and bang-your-head-against-the-wall games. The V-Cube 5 will also build your spatial skills, problem-solving abilities and patience as it stumps you, perplexes you and has your neurons jumping up and down with glee.
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The Idea

These cubes boast smooth rotation so you can make your moves at lightning speed.

The Brains

Helps spatial perception, problem-solving and patience.

The A-Ha

Puzzle cube levels for novice puzzlers (3) or puzzle masters (5 & 7).

Brain Health Expert Says

Helps spatial perception, problem-solving and patience. The parietal lobe is used during spatial vision and short-term memory- this gives these a workout!

The Brain Coach Says

I can't solve this thing to save my life but if you're a show-off with the Rubik's Cube, this should be at the top of your wishlist.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Playerssolo

Customer Reviews

Good, but can be better


I've solved Rubik's Cubes for a while now and if you're looking for a challenge then a 5x5 cube is right for you! If you're looking for a smooth turning puzzle then look into other brands on other websites such as Shengshou, LanLan, and Dayan. This puzzle will work your brain in all aspects!

It's worth it.


It is one of the best cubes I bought. I am able to solve it and am very pleased with it.

Pretty good


Pretty good. Prefer shengshou. I'm able to solve this one in around 2.5 mins

Not bad


It's not a bad toy. Very hard, but worth it once you figure it out.

How To Play

How to Play: The cube is mixed up so that the colors are random. Twist and turn to rearrange the colors of the cube. How to Win: Arrange the cube so that there is one full color on each side.