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Straight from the Brain Workshop comes a new, exciting, tugger-ific game for the whole family; Tugie!

Incredibly easy to play with a superb replay value, Tugie will delight every brain in your home. Players take turns rolling the die to see which color piece you need to tug from the Tugie Tower.

Be careful! If any pieces fall while you tug, you must keep them and they count as points against you. The player with the least amount of fallen pieces at the end of the game wins!

Your finesse and luck of the die are your friends in a rousing match of Tugie. At the end of each game, your family will shout a hearty, "Again!" 

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The Idea

Pull wooden pieces from a tower without knocking them off.

The Brains

Maximize your coordination skills.

The A-Ha

Try finding the balance of tugging too hard or too soft.

Brain Health Expert Says

This is a game of balance and precision that will help develop fine motor coordination.


Parents Choice - Gold, Dr. Toy's 2015 Best Vacation Products, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Product

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsToy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended Age5+
Play lengthPlay Lengthunder 20
Inside the Box
  • 3 red pullers
  • 3 yellow pullers
  • 3 green pullers
  • 3 blue pullers
  • 1 gray puller
  • 1 base with a centered pole
  • instructions for how-to play
# of Players2

Customer Reviews

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I love Tugie


Tugie is a very fun game. It is an AWESOME game for family FUN!!! I'm 8 years old and I have played this game lots of times. Trust the 8 year old I have been in lots of silly situations where the blocks have been a hair away from falling off!! TUGIE IS AN AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!

Super fun!


This game is very easy to learn, made of high quality products, and is great for any age! Tugie kind of reminds me of Jenga, but it is more colorful, less mess to pick up, and a quick game to finish!! I would recommend this game to anyone!

Super Fun


I bought this for my younger cousin and she loves it so much. What I liked about the game is how easy it was to learn to play that way I knew it would not be to difficult for me to teach it to my cousin. We were so engaged. She like to keep the game out of the box and on her little desk in her room I think she likes the way it looks because of all the colors.

Beautiful fun game!


Tugie is a lot of fun and becomes a little more challenging if you play with more than two players. Even though the rules are very simple the game does a great job working with your coordination skills. The best part of Tugie is that the pieces are made from recycled saw dust and the colors are so vibrant.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 15
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How To Play

  1. Stack the pieces on the pole. Gray always goes on top.
  2. Youngest goes first: Roll that die, young tugster!
  3. Pick a piece below the gray that matches the color you rolled. grab its rope, and tug it off the stack!
  4. If you roll Tugies, then pull two pieces (below the gray) at once. 
  5. Put your piece at the top of the stack. If you knocked off any other pieces, you have to keep them
  6. Take turns rolling and tugging.  Be careful if you collect six knocked-off pieces in the War of Tugs, then you lose!