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Mind Your Marbles

| Memory
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The adult human brain contains between one hundred and five hundred trillion synapses—give or take a few. For the purposes of this game, let’s call ‘em Marbles. Put those trillions of brainy bad boys to use and collect twelve more… play Mind Your Marbles! On your turn, listen to three trivia questions, but don’t go blurting out answers until all three questions have been read… you have to answer the questions correctly and in order to score up to three Marbles per turn. Steal Marbles you need from other players, and be first to collect one for each of the twelve question categories to win. Stretch your memory… Mind Your Marbles!
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The Idea

Listen to three trivia questions and answer them in order after all three have been read

The Brains

Activate your hippocampus, the memory center, when you recall the answers to questions.

The A-Ha

Score & steal marbles on each turn for categories correctly answered.

Brain Health Expert Says

The hippocampus, the memory center of the brain, is activated when you recall facts to questions from a variety of topics.

The Brain Coach Says

Trivia games are my favorite and I love how much more of a challenge this one is for your brain. It really requires focus and attention and gives several different components of memory a workout.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
Inside the Box
  • Spinner
  • 200 question cards (2400 questions)
  • Card box
  • 72 marbles
  • 6 brain scorecards
  • 3 question clips
  • 12 time cards
# of Players4+

Customer Reviews

good time


The game is fun, the questions are pretty good, but the quality of the physical game is questionable. The spinner doesn't really spin well at all, it is a good concept, but there is no real place to hold it while spinning, so fingers get in the way. Played mother against father/daughter team, that worked out well.The process of remembering the answers in order is hard, but very good to make one think. We didn't do the timing thing, would have added confusion to the game, maybe if we were all adults it would work, but we like to try to guess the answers too, so that timing part wasn't good for us.

Pretty lame


Fun to work through three consecutive questions, admittedly. However, the "timing" mechanism is just reading letters off a card. Really?! The scoring card is essentially pointless as you can switch your categories with another player; just count to twelve. Many of the questions are poorly phrased and are usually too easy to be enjoyable. Try Cranium, Trivial Pursuit, or Bezzerwizzer

From Marbles:

We're so sorry the game was not a fit. Our Brain Workshop works very hard to make games that are fun for everyone, but if you're more of a Trivial Pursuit nut, we totally get that too. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at either 1-877-527-2460 or support@marblesthebrainstore.com for suggestions that might be a better fit with your brain :)

Wild and Wise


I love trivia games. They're fun and they let me show off how much random junk I know. But they can get pretty stale sitting and waiting for the other players to answer their questions. That's why Mind Your Marbles is so great. When I'm not answering, I'm reading or distracting the other players (my favorite)! This game lets me show off not only my trivial knowledge but how incredibly obnoxious I can be!

Great game


In my day job, I'm a neuroscientist. On my off time, I socialize with friends (yes, scientists do have friends), relax and enjoy some good conversation and usually, a board game. Most board games are generally chance related, which can be very boring. Mind your Marbles is a great alternative to other games, it allows 6 players to constantly be active in the game, it contains trivia questions from the distant past and recent future - along with many random questions - and the best part is, 2/3 times, you'll know the answer. The real question is, will you be able to answer correctly, given the time and distractions? We've played this 6 times in the past few weeks, and so far, no one is bored of it yet. A great game!

How To Play

How to Play: Spin the Spinner. The player to your left is the card reader, who reads 3 questions that correspond to the 3 categories indicated on the Spinner. You must answer all 3 questions at once, in the order they were read to you. If your answers are correct, you receive 3 marbles, to be placed on your Scorecard. How to Win: Be the first player to collect a marble from all 12 categories.

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