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Meet Hank. He says "Hi." Actually, he can say whatever you tell him to. Toymail Talkie - Hank a Dino is a modern two-way talking dinosaur that can send and receive messages. Press a button on the back of this little Incrediblesaurus to send a message to a grownup's phone or to another Talkie toy. All replies get sent right back to Hank and he reads the message aloud! No need to remember phone numbers. Parents approve all contacts so kids only talk to family and friends. But since Hank connects to wi-fi (told ya he was modern), he can send a message to anyone, anywhere with a smart phone or another Hank. Yes, Hanks can talk to each other across the globe! For adults with phones, the messaging is IOS, Android and Kindle Fire compatible!

Hank also has a content channel that's constantly expanding and delivering prizes to kids. Hank sets reminders and alarms to brush teeth, do chores and more. He's like a kid's first smart phone. With a dinosaur tail.

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