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Tour of the States Poster

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Are you one of the 100K+ people that has seen our amazing Tour the States video on YouTube and thought to yourself, "Please tell me I can buy that poster!"?

Well, lucky you, the answer is a big fat, brain-building YES.

Created by acclaimed artist Craigton Berman and based on the hit song Tour the States from our Brain Beats CD, this 24X36" beauty is packed so full of thoughtful US Geography, it will even make the wall you hang it on smarter.

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The Idea

A print out map made famous from our "Tour the States" video.

The Brains

Popular "Tour the States" 24X36" poster Created by acclaimed artist Craigton Berman.

The A-Ha

Learn the states and their capitals and activate the memory centers of the brain.

The Brain Coach Says

I want to hang this poster on every wall in every room of my house! It's a beautiful poster taking the beholder on a visual tour through the United States of America. Perfect for armchair travelers and those learning the states!

The best way to find out where you stand in the world.

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