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Touchy Feely: ABC's (Expansion Pack)

| Coordination
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Go on, cop a feel. You know you want to. Besides, it’s high time you gave your old pal touch a little love with a game of Touchy Feely: ABCs. Just draw a card and then reach inside the Tube of Touch to find the felt letter matching the one shown on the card.

Here’s the catch: You can only use your tactile perception skills, which is much harder than you’d think. Play with Touchy Feely: ABCs on its own until you can correctly feel your way through the entire alphabet. Then, add these little lettered wonders to the original Touchy Feely™ game for an even bigger brain boost.

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The Idea

Can you distinguish between a Z and an N using only your sense of touch?

The Brains

A great game which engages brain areas involved in tactile perception and memory.

The A-Ha

Add the alphabet to the original items in Touchy Feely for an additional challenge.

The Brain Coach Says

With the Touchy Feely ABC's expansion pack, I was able to take my Touchy Feely game to the next level. With even more letters and cards to choose from, my sense of touch was tested greatly! This is a must for Touchy Feely fans!

A whole different feeling from A-Z.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age5+
Inside the Box
  • 26 foam letters of the alphabet
# of Players1+

How To Play

Expand your senses by adding this ABC’s expansion pack to your Touchy Feely. Either race against an opponent to find the selected item or free-for-all it and see who can find the most amount of items in 60 seconds!