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A World War II soldier created Tic Tac Two as a way to help him and his comrades pass the time in a foxhole. It's like Tic Tac Toe, only better for your brain, which is no surprise for a game created by a member of the Greatest Generation.

What makes Tic Tac Two better? For starters, this solid wood strategy game has 25 spaces instead of nine. But the real fun (and brain workout) begins when players pick up the smaller grid of nine spaces and move it around the larger board to either win the game or block their opponent.

Play this addictive game over and over and you'll never see the same strategy twice!

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The Idea

The first to get three in a row wins!

The Brains

Requires a nimble brain to adjust strategy to this evolving game board.

The A-Ha

On each turn, you can place a piece of your color or move the entire playing grid.

Brain Health Expert Says

A constantly shifting perspective requires a nimble brain and agile prefontal cortex as you adjust strategy to the evolving game board.

The Brain Coach Says

Another great classic with an added element of surprise…I like the additional spaces to improve your strategy or spoil the strategy of your opponent. When you think the board has come to an end, you simply move the grid to begin an entirely new challenge.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box

1 wooden game board

4 yellow "x"s

4 orange "o"s

1 movable grid

1 canvas bag for storage

DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2

Customer Reviews

Tic Tac Toe TO THE MAX!!


Don't you hate it when you're playing a game of Tic Tac Toe and it ends in a draw? Well then Tic Tac Two is for you!! Now you can move the playing field all over a squared grid that keeps players on their toes and continually thinkinf of a strategies that will make them the winner!

Tac tac two takes it to another level


My 8 year old loves tic tac toe, but this game prolongs the fun and takes it to another level. We love it.

The next generation


My niece and I sat down to play this game. The first round was similar to tic -tac- toe in that it was over in eight moves. With each round, however, the game went on longer and longer as we learned the strategy of moving the grid and moving the pieces. We both agreed it is an excellent logic game because planning ahead is vital. We both give this game a thumbs up.

Very Fun!


I received this as a gift just tonight and have played it again and again. Being able to move the grid around makes you think a few steps ahead, no "draw" yet either. It's a game I'd buy for others - this would be fun on trips too!

How To Play

How to Play: Players choose X or O before play begins. On your turn, you may either place a peg within the grid or move the blue grid to a different location on the wooden board. How to Win: Get three in a row of your symbol either horizontally, vertically, or diagonal.

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