The String Art Kit

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String art is all the rage these days. They're colorful, charming, and made by hand which makes putting them on display all the more meaningful. The String Art Kit comes with three templates to create your own designs including a peace sign, heart, and a friendly "hi." Push the pins into the blank foam canvas and start criss-crossing the colorful yarn around and around the pins until your very own template is complete. Then, hang it up for family and friends to admire! No hammer or nails are needed and everything is included in the box. The String Art Kit is a fantastic gift for kids to enhance their fine motor and creative skills!

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The Idea

A fun-tastic new way to make string art.

The Brains

Crafting is a nostalgic activity that improves hand-eye coordination & concentration.

The A-Ha

Just push pins into bases & string away!

Brain Health Expert Says

Make beautiful art as you creatively exercise your fine motor skills, wrapping the string into a unique and colorful pattern.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age10+
Inside the Box
  • 3 square foam canvases with templates
  • 3 card stock backings 
  • 60 yards (180 feet) of thread 
  • 170 pins
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players1