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Sure, the Hula Hoop builds your brain’s coordination centers, revs up your metabolism and makes your hips worthy of a grass skirt. But it’s so….1958.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and meet The Noodle, a hipper, cooler, swishier, hoopier hoop that’ll give you all the brain- and body-boosting benefits of the original hoop.

Just put The Noodle around your waist and then rock, shake, shimmy and twist your hips to your heart and brain’s content to crank up coordination and boost your mind-body connection. Color may vary.

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The Idea

A hipper, cooler, swishier, more challenging hoop than the original hula hoop.

The Brains

Engage brain areas important for motor coordination and balance.

The A-Ha

Put it around your waist and then rock, shimmy & twist your hips to keep it going.

Brain Health Expert Says

Engage brain areas important for motor coordination and balance.

The Brain Coach Says

Customers really enjoy trying it out in the store. We keep selling through all of our stock. I love the fun energy that this creates. People just have a great time doing it.

This Noodle ain't limp!

Product Details

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Recommended Age5+
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Customer Reviews

This is what my niece wanted.


I bought this for my niece for Christmas because whenever she was in the store, she always played with it. She seemed to like it Though I think they should sell a smaller version for kids. Delivery was grest.



Its just amazing