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A hi-tech kit to get kids minds and bodies moving. Wearable cool technology shouldn’t be just for adults – why not for kids as well? That is especially true when the wearable cool technology not only teaches kids the basics and fundamental skills of electronics and programming, but also encourages imagination and creativity through active play and exercise.

This is what the Mover Kit, designed by the UK-based tech startup Technology Will Save Us is all about. It is a watch-like, plastic wearable that can be snapped onto wrists, arms, legs, backpacks, and more. Inside are a pair of circuit boards that include an magnetometer and an accelerometer that provide the tech to turn on motion sensors, compasses, and activate a ring of rainbow LED lights.

What’s more, the Mover Kit has access to a proprietary digital platform that allows kids to create their own unique uses for the Mover – everything from games and inventions such as a tooth brush timer, or flashing police lights, or a kaleidoscope, or a light saber.

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The Idea

A wearable, programmable game kit that reacts to light and movement.

The Brains

Learn coding, electronics, how sensors and circuits work, all while on the move.

The A-Ha

Make it a necklace, attach to your wrist or put it on something else!

Product Details

Brain Category

Contains sharp points and edges. Adult supervision required. Not suitable for chidlren under 3 years.

Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • Mover board
  • Mover case
  • snapband
  • lanyard
  • USB cable