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These Geekbox puzzles may not have many pieces, but don’t get too cocky as you take them apart, thoroughly convinced that you can reassemble them during the commercials of your favorite Star Trek (the original series) episode. Because if that televised geekfest has taught you anything, it’s that looks can be deceiving.

Assembling these handsome little fellas is much harder than it looks. To succeed, you’ll need a hefty dose of memory, visual perception, and strategic thinking skills. The payoff is a smarter brain and a computertop decoration that’s both beautiful and brilliant.

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The Idea

Six brain-bending wooden puzzles to bring out your inner geek.

The Brains

One of those rare puzzles that engages the hippocampus, frontal, and parietal lobes.

The A-Ha

Place these out for decoration and watch guests assemble and disassemble them.

Brain Health Expert Says

One of those rare puzzles that engages the hippocampus, frontal, and parietal lobes, the GeekBox makes for a total mental workout.

The Brain Coach Says

The GeekBox is 6 unique wooden puzzles in one! Actually, it's 12! Because the brainiac must both disassemble and reassemble the structure. Keep one in your car, at the desk, on your coffee table and you can engage your noggin throughout the day.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsNot suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which may be a choking hazard.
Recommended Age12+
# of Players1

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Great, except...


The puzzle that requires twisting is impossible to take apart and the sphere required me to use the end of a fork to disassemble. They fit well, but a bit too well.

Pieces fit poorly


It's all well and good for a puzzle to be challenging, but when most of the challenge comes from the pieces not fitting, it's less a brain teaser than an exercise in frustration.

A Challenging Office Gift


I bought this as a birthday present for my boss and she ended up asking me where I bought it and is now a Marbles customer. I bought this item because I know my boss likes challenging puzzles but also because these puzzle are very well crafted with two tone wood and come in a beautiful wooden box.

Very attractive and a real challenge


I love the look of the product. The bamboo box is beautiful and the sliding lid functions well. The puzzles are not easy - be ready for a challenge. Even reassembling them using the guide is difficult; but very satisfying when you get it.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 25
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How To Play

Pull them apart and reassemble them.  Stumped?  Download the solutions below.

Download PDF Rules Of The Game