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The Brain Tickler

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If you think all brain workouts have to make your head sweat to be effective, think again. In fact, constant stress can damage memory, executive function and motor skills. So relieving stress with the Brain Tickler can actually do the brain good—and feel good to boot!

This smart head massager gently massages pressure points on your head while stimulating sensitive nerve endings and producing stress-relieving, brain-awakening endorphins.

The Brain Tickler also makes for a nice little reward after a strenuous mental workout. (Not that you ever need an excuse for a head massage.)

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The Idea

A head massager that gently works pressure points & stimulates sensitive nerve endings.

The Brains

Massage helps produce stress-relieving, brain-awakening endorphins.

The A-Ha

Good for your own noggin, someone else's, and particularly those that don't see it coming.

The Brain Coach Says

It's great for taking a quick break at your desk when you are stressed out. One of our staff members puts it on her head and leaves it to help alleviate a headache.

Give your cranium a caress. Relax and de-stress!

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Recommended Age5+
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great relaxation


I bought this product because it looked like fun. It is fun and to my surprise is incredibly relaxing. I use it everyday!

Who Would Have Thought? Maybe it was the Brain Tickler Tickling


I went Cyber Shopping in Marbles and thought I would try the Brian Tickler out. Well, I had no expectations because I am single and live alone. How much surprise could possibly happen when you use it by yourself? (Clean up your thoughts at this time!) I mean there is no "surprise" but surprisingly so I keep it on the bed and every once in while I grab it and massage my Brain....it really works well. I look forward to having someone else to use it on me to see the difference...until that joy is experienced I will continue to grab it to relax my brain by myself...Really Works

Its bent, nooooooooo!


This thing is the best and most relaxing head tickler. The only problem is that mine is bent. :( Do not sit on it or try to bend it.

Everyone needs one. Seriously.


You know that feeling you get when someone rubs your head lightly and hits the spots you didn't know would feel so good? This hits those same spots and feels even better!!!! Great for work, after work, before work...any time.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 10
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