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Are you ready to meet the ultimate puzzle-cube challenge? Without the help of those familiar colored squares, players must solve this puzzle by twisting the cube to line up folds in the brain, making it a real head-spinner.

To help you get in a cerebral mood, The Brain Cube is made of Kraton, a squishy material that feels eerily like a brain. Designed by Jason Freeny, an American sculptor known for his brilliantly original dissection of pop-culture toys,

The Brain Cube exercises your visual perception, problem solving, concentration, and tactile perception skills. Cube away, cube genius!

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The Idea

Solve the puzzle cube by twisting the blocks to align folds of the brain.

The Brains

Exercise visual perception, problem solving, concentration, and tactile perception.

The A-Ha

Comes with a cardboard recreation of a solved cube for reference.

Brain Health Expert Says

A clever spin on the traditional puzzle cube, The Brain Cube uses the frontal, parietal, and motor coordination areas of your brain as you plan subsequent moves, visualize different spatial alignments, and rotate the puzzle accordingly.

The Brain Coach Says

Yep, it's a Rubik's-style puzzle cube, but with brain instead of colors. Even the packaging is cool - the glass jar will keep your brain cube fresh until you need it - formaldehyde sold separately.

Hold a brain in the palm of your hand!

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poor packaging


I was very excited about Jason Freely's Brain Cube, and was truly anticipating it (made a space in my display case) . The problem I found was the graphics were printed crooked on the glass jar. I thought it was super cool to suspend the cube as if it were floating in the jar, but because of the crooked graphics it's not displayable.

Good but needed work


I Very much enjoyed this puzzle it looks amazing in my collection of puzzles and every person i have showed it to has loved it. It was a huge challenge, but it was very fun. However when I fiirst got the puzzle it fell apart due to the fact that two of the centers came unscrewed from the center and since the cube does not have adjustable centers I had to cut off the rubber coating on the centers so that I could screw them back into the core. One of the screws did not hold and I was forced to super glue it, I then super glued the rubber pieces back on and now it works great I havn't had any more problems. Overall I think this cube is great and as a speed cuber and a collector of many rubiks type puzzles I recommend this puzzle to anyone who wants to impress their friends and get some enjoyment out of a very cool and interesting puzzle

I think your photogr


I think your photography work is great. Enjoy your blog, you seem like such a nice, sweet, canirg person (and smart!). Enjoy your work on kink very much!

Excellent gift for my neurosurgeon!


I'm testing for neurosurgery number four. I can't wait to give this to my surgeon. I hope no one has given him one already. I thought of keeping the cardboard 'solution' and letting him work it out on his own, but when I mentioned this to the salesman he agreed that was cruel and included an extra cardboard solution for me to keep. I can't wait to give it to him. I played with the one in the store for a long time. It seems sturdy and well made or I wouldn't have spent so much. It's a work of art beyond being an awesome puzzle. It even arrived stil suspended in the jar.I'm still testing toward surgery. No guarantee of another surgery, but from the words of the doctors so far it seems likely. Even if they decide not to recommend surgery, I'm getting this to my neurosurgeon. If he's received one already, I'll find another on his team to gift it.
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