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Tapple is an hilariously fun and insanely addicting alphabetic category game that will leave all players teetered and toppled over in suspense and side-splitting laughter.

The group chooses a card with a category of various things to name, for example, “Things you would find in a circus.” Then, players take turns naming anything that could fit in the given category.

The trick is, players must tap down the first letter of the example they shouted. Once a letter is tapped it cannot be used again.

Players only have ten seconds on the timer to name an example and if the alarm goes off before a player can say something they’re out for the round. The last player standing wins the card!

Tapple is a marvelous application of memory recall, word skills, and keeping cool under pressure. How quick are your wits?

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The Idea

Name items that fit a category while marking off beginning letters as you go.

The Brains

Tap into the depths of your associative memory and response time skills.

The A-Ha

How many items can you name before the time or all the letters are used up?

Brain Health Expert Says

Tapple is a game that rewards quick recall of words and concepts; it will engage the linguistic regions of the brain, including the hippocampus and a language production region called Broca's area.


Creative Child Magazine Award, Tillywig Top Fun Award, Mind Games Recommended by American Mensa

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
Inside the Box
  • 1 touch activated press & play letter eliminator (TAPPLE wheel)
  • 36 category cards (144 categories)-stored in TAPPLE wheel
  • Instructions
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players2+

Customer Reviews

Fun Fun Fun Game


I am so glad I purchased Tapple for my kids. As the 10 second timer ticks they get so stressed trying to think of a word for a letter that is still available. They play it with their friends all the time and they bring it on our vacations. Easy game to learn and tons of fun to play.

Great gift for all ages!


Bought this game while on a trip with around 20 teenagers and they all loved it! Someone always was playing it. I plan on buying it for family gifts for Christmas. It can be played with 1 or a large group. I also played it with my 6 year old nephew and he enjoyed it.

How To Play

  1. Choose a category for the round.
  2. Tap the timer to start.
  3. Name an answer
  4. Press the first letter of your answer. (Letters can only be used once)
  5. Tap the timer to reset.
  6. Play moves onto the next player.