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You may think hand-eye coordination only matters for surgeons, bomb technicians and guys holed up in basements ever-so-carefully painting thousands of tiny Revolutionary War soldiers.

But it also comes in handy for everyday things like brushing your teeth and inserting your contact lenses. Plus, good coordination may also be linked to good reading skills. You can give your hand-eye coordination a boost with Suspend.

This four-player hanging balance game comes with 24 notched, rubber- tipped wire pieces and your job is to add all your pieces to the hanging structure without making it fall.

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The Idea

Players take turns placing pieces without making the structure fall

The Brains

Hand-eye coordination games help boost skills for every day activities & balance.

The A-Ha

The color you roll tells you what length of piece you must place next

Brain Health Expert Says

Challenges fine motor skills and strengthens focus and attention.


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The Brain Coach Says

This game reminds me of Jenga but with slightly trickier pieces. Game play gets intense as you try to hang the pieces without always being able to predict how the game will shift.

Suspend your disbelief; this game really is that fun.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • Wooden base
  • 24 Game rods
  • 4 Frame rods
  • 1 die
  • Wooden connector
# of Players1+

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I bought this game for my children and me last Christmas and this is the hot game in our house. You just can't play this game once.



The game is full of suspense as you have to be very careful to put pieces on the frame without knocking any off. Suspend makes for a great party game as everybody gets engaged in the game and has a great time.

Great Family Game


I was not sure if it would entertain my family but bought it for our house. We pulled it out at Christmas when we had the extended family over. It was so much fun. We were able to all participate, even the younger kids. The best part was that it was really easy to learn, which can take so much time.

Great activity


Bought this for my 7th graders - they love it. I bring it home for family gatherings and will buy another to keep at home for my family . Great activity for all ages!!
Viewing 1 - 4 of 5
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How To Play

How to Play: After the rods and frame hook rod are assembled and set up on a level surface, pieces are distributed by color. Players take turns hanging their pieces and trying to keep them balanced. To make these precarious moves even trickier, you can only use one hand while placing a piece. If you cause any pieces to fall, you must add them to your pile. How To Win:  Beginner & Intermediate Levels - Be the first player to use all of your pieces without knocking the structure over. At the Expert Level - pieces are assigned a point value and points are tallied for each round. The player with the most points wins the game.