Super Moose

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Balancing antlers? You moose be kidding! No, we're not. This cute and colorful little North American animal is ready for little ones to add as many antlers as they can to his happy little head. Balancing the antlers takes a steady hand. Kids start with 6 antlers and gradually work up to 12. The brightly painted bamboo pieces in elaborate shapes will become near and deer play friends.

For ages 3 and up. How do you exercise fine motor and coordination skills while learning to balance and problem solve? This is a job for Super Moose!

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The Idea

Teach basics of balancing to little ones using a friendly antlered animal.

The Brains

Builds balance and hand-eye coordination. Moosely for kids but for adults too,

The A-Ha

Can all those antlers come together in balanced harmony? Find out how!

Product Details

Brain Category

Choking Hazard: Small parts. Not for children under 3.

Recommended Age3+
Play lengthPlay Lengthunder 20
Inside the Box
  • moose body
  • moose head
  • 12 antlers
  • instructions
  • box is a carrying case
# of Players2

How To Play

  1. Take turns placing antlers on the moose head.
  2. The player who places the last antler without tipping it over wins.
  3. If the moose tips over during or right after you place a piece, your opponent wins.