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Your brain is begging you for a new strategy game to flex your frontal cortex. Your wallet is not-so-politely reminding you that you’re on a budget. Good thing your mind just hit pay dirt with Modus so you can get three brain-boosting games in one value-packed box. Modus has 24 tiles that form different game boards and 16 blue or white playing pieces. The board can change during game play and the pieces can function differently depending on whether the top or bottom is showing up. Master all three games and then give your frugal and brainy self a much-deserved pat on the back.
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The Idea

Tiles & playing pieces are used to play three separate two-player strategy games.

The Brains

You’ll improve your critical thinking and logic skills as you plan subsequent moves.

The A-Ha

The board can change during gameplay and the pieces can function differently as well.

Brain Health Expert Says

Modus is a game of strategy that exercises your frontal lobe, which is involved in planning and decision making. You’ll improve your critical thinking and logic skills as you plan subsequent moves

The Brain Coach Says

One of our more abstract strategy games, Modus is at first an enigma. If you’re a fan of those abstract, German-style strategy games that throw your mind for a loop, you need to pick up Modus. With three different games to play using the wonderful wooden pieces, Modus is a super travel-friendly game for two, that doesn’t take days or hours to finish.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsChoking Hazard - small parts. Not to be used by children under 3 years. there are sharp points on some parts.
Recommended Age12+
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2 players

Customer Reviews

Great game, Never boring


I acquired this game recently from my younger brother. We've played it over and over and to my amazement no clear cut strategy works every time. I love it because you have to think ahead and plan while trying to anticipate your opponents moves, in a way that is like chess but more simple. Its highly enjoyable and I would definitely reccommend it to my friends.

Great brain workout.


Everyone I've played with has fallen in love with Modus. This has become my favourite game. One box, with three games, you can't beat that. It's also open-ended, in that I'm sure someone out there can create a new game from the tiles and pawns. Would be cool if there was a separate blog for the game where people could submit their ideas for a new game with instructions for play and where customers could vote for their favourite game.

How To Play

In Modus, the wooden tiles and playing pieces are used to play three separate two-player strategy games:  Four Circles: Move pieces to adjacent free tiles, or jump over pieces. If jumping, the piece in motion is flipped, with the circular markings facing up. To win, place 4 of your pieces, with the markings facing up, in a row. Hopper/Sneaker -"Hoppers" are pieces with circular markings facing up. "Sneakers" have the markings facing down. Sneakers can move to any free adjacent tile, but are flipped to Hoppers after they are moved. Hoppers can jump over one or more adjacent pieces, but are flipped to Sneakers after they are moved. To win, be the first to move your pieces to the opposite side. Up & Away. Begin with all pieces face down. Flip to face up after jumping over adjacent pieces. Remove face-up pieces after being jumped over by another piece of the same color. To win, be the first to flip all your pieces and remove them from the tiles.

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