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Lutso is a double-whammy, twofer of a brain game that lets you check both your frontal cortex and occipital lobe off your mental to-do list. That’s a good thing, because those are the parts of your brain responsible for critical thinking and visual perception skills. Here’s how this two-person strategy game works: Take turns placing marbles on the board. If you spot any marbles that match one of your shapes, cover them up. But your playing shapes must remain visible to both players at all times, resulting in a brilliantly brainy mix of both offensive and defensive strategy.
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The Idea

Take turns placing marbles and filling the board with your tetromino shapes.

The Brains

Tests spatial processing skills and critical thinking abilities.

The A-Ha

Plan your strategy so pieces do not overlap, & so that they stay on the board.

Brain Health Expert Says

Lutso tests your spatial processing skills, governed by the parietal lobe, and critical thinking abilities, controlled in the frontal lobe.

The Brain Coach Says

Simple in its design, complex in its strategy – Lutso keeps you guessing. It’s a great game for anyone looking for a good old-fashioned frontal lobe face-off.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsChoking Hazard. Small Pieces. Not suitable for children under 3 years. There are sharp points on some parts.
Recommended Age12+
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2 players

Customer Reviews

It's a good game.


The rule is simple, but the game is challenging. I like it very much. The only thing is the quality of the block pieces need to improve, and I prefer wooden ones.

good game!


It seems simple at first but once you start to use strategy, it gets interesting.

A lot of fun


Very enjoyable game, which is a bit trickier than it first appears. Essentially, it breaks down into trying to avoid placing the marbles that will let your opponent score points -- something that becomes quite challenging as the remaining space on the board shrinks! Quite fun, and beautifully made. Unlike the previous reviewer, we had no issues with the shapes not fitting over the marbles (perhaps they got a defective set?)

Great game, however...


This is a great game for all! During the holidays, our players ranged in age from 5 to 64 and it was wonderful to see how quickly the younger players figured out some of the subtleties. It can be a pretty quick game from start to finish, so we were able to set up round robin tournaments. Overall, a clever, amusing, and fun games for the whole family.However...we found the cost of the game to be considerable compared to the quality. Some of our shapes needed to be sanded a bit to fit over the marbles. A major source of contention (noticed and voiced by many different people ) was that the plastic bags for the playing pieces and marbles were already splitting...we honestly believe that for the price of $24.99, there should have been fabric bags for the pieces, AND a few extra marbles. The size of the marbles is so specific to the game itself that if one becomes lost or damaged, it could be extremely difficult to replace. Our overall rating is that this is a great idea and a really fun game..but the cost does not reflect the quality we expected.

How To Play

How to Play: Players start with either the orange or white playing shapes. The marbles belong to both of you. In turn, players place a marble anywhere on the board. On your turn, after placing a marble, you may also put down one of your playing shapes if the holes in the piece cover marbles on the board. Play continues until both players agree that no more playing shapes will fit on the board. How to Win: The player with the most marbles captured with their shapes is the winner. 

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