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Created by a writing instructor, Storymatic contains 500 cards in a retro typewriter font and portable box.

Draw two gold cards with an occupation or trait and one or two copper cards with a situation or object. Then combine them to tell a story.

For example, you could draw “oddities collector,” “person with a devastating secret,” “nobody is watching” and “at last, love.”

There are trillions of options and just two rules: You can’t kill your character and your character must change during the story.

Makes a smart teaching tool, writer’s block cure, creativity enhancer or rainy day diversion.

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The Idea

Draw a combination of cards then combine them to start telling a story.

The Brains

Builds vocabulary and exercises creativity.

The A-Ha

Trillions of options with two rules: your character cannot be killed and they must change.

Brain Health Expert Says

Build your vocabulary and exercise your creativity when you play Storymatic, which requires you to think of unique stories from simple words and phrases.


Major Fun Award

The Brain Coach Says

Storymatic isn't story science, it's story Art! It'll definitely help get those creative juices pumping so that the next time you're asked where that over-due report of yours is, you can least tell a little better story than "the dog ate it".

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • 540 unique cards
  • Booklet of prompts, suggestions and games
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

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Encourages thinking beyond an initial idea


My high school juniors and seniors dragged their feet at first, not wanting to do something "stupid." We combined the cards with an old writing activity - draw 2 character and 2 plot cards, each person writes a line of the story but can only see the line of the person who wrote immediately before them. My students ended up having a good time with it, and created 2 amusing stories before they were done.

A two hour story!


Our first night with this game, me and two others went on for 2 hours creating a story, going around the circle drawing one card each per turn - we intended for it to be a quick 15 min game! This can be as short or as long as you want it to be with phrases and ideas to cure the worst writer's block.

Amazing Creative Writing Tool


This game is beyond amazing. Its cards are so diverse and funny, at times. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking to explore their creative properties!

An amazing writing tool


I use my Storymatic mostly as a writing tool. There's a surprising dearth of resources for writers who free-write as a way to get the creative juices flowing. I usually draw a few cards, free-write for at least a half hour, and then I'm ready to dive into my current writing project. I've also found it to be a useful way to keep the writing muscles strong in between projects. There are great suggestions for using it in the booklet inside the box. And it's a great resource for writers at any stage of their careers.I know a teacher who uses the Storymatic in class, and he says that the students have responded positively, both in terms of their enjoyment and in terms of the quality of their writing. The Stoyrmatic was developed by a writing teacher, so I guess its success with students should be no surprise.Finally, I've also played a couple of the game suggestions in the booklet. I have to say, an evening with friends having storytelling contests is a blast.Seriously, I love this thing.
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How To Play

How to Play: Draw two gold cards and combine the traits on them to create a character, then draw two copper cards and let the words on them lead you into a story. Or tell a story as a group, with each person drawing a new copper card and continuing where the last storyteller left off. Or let the Storymatic cards inspire you some other way. There's no wrong way to play with the Storymatic.

Download PDF Rules Of The Game