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    Draw a combination of cards then combine them to start telling a story.

    Builds vocabulary and exercises creativity.

    Trillions of options with two rules: Your character cannot be killed, and they must change.

    Created by a writing instructor, Storymatic contains 500 cards in a retro typewriter font and portable box. Draw two gold cards with an occupation or trait and one or two copper cards with a situation or object. Then combine them to tell a story. For example, you could draw "oddities collector," "person with a devastating secret," "nobody is watching" and "at last, love." There are trillions of options and just two rules: You can't kill your character and your character must change during the story. Makes a smart teaching tool, writer's block cure, creativity enhancer or rainy day diversion.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Build your vocabulary and exercise your creativity when you play Storymatic, which requires you to think of unique stories from simple words and phrases."


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    How to Play:

    Draw two gold cards and combine the traits on them to create a character, then draw two copper cards and let the words on them lead you into a story. Or tell a story as a group, with each person drawing a new copper card and continuing where the last storyteller left off. Or let the Storymatic cards inspire you some other way. There’s no wrong way to play with the Storymatic.


        Storymatic Rules .PDF


    Additional Information

    format skills game
    number of players solo, 2 players, groups
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Storymatic isn't story science, it's story Art! It'll definitely help get those creative juices pumping so that the next time you're asked where that over-due report of yours is, you can least tell a little better story than "the dog ate it".

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