Stormy Seas

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All hands ahoy! There be storms a’ brewin’, Scallywag, and it’s your job to keep all of the cargo on deck.

Stormy Seas is a delightfully designed balance game of chance and strategy that will teach your little buccaneer basic physics concepts. Roll the die to determine what piece to carefully place on the ship without tipping it. If you spill the precious cargo, you're out of the game.

Stormy Seas is a great game to play with the whole family, especially those with children ages three and up. Let the Jolly Roger fly high or it may be you visiting Davey Jones’ Locker.

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The Idea

Take turns placing pieces on your ship without knocking them off.

The Brains

Employs basic physics principles, balance, and coordination.

The A-Ha

Different sized pieces make it tricky to keep the ship afloat so be careful.

Brain Health Expert Says

Stormy Seas engages fine motor skill and helps develop an intuitive understanding of balance and physics.


Able Play - Rated Toy, Parents Choice - Silver

The Brain Coach Says

A fantastic game to play with kids all while teaching them basic physics concepts. It's much more difficult than you think to get all pieces on the ship, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Live like a pirate, eat like a pirate, play like a pirate. 

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
Inside the Box
  1. 1 boat with flag
  2. 5 gold bricks
  3. 5 treasure chests
  4. 5 urns
  5. 5 cannon balls
  6. 5 barrels
  7. 1 die
  8. Canvas bag
  9. Game instructions
# of Players2+

Customer Reviews

My daughter loves playing this game!


My 4 year old always like playing this game, it's one of the first turn based games I've purchased for her. Teaches her patience and strategy, as well as physics when she tries to balance the objects. The pieces are nicely done too, and sometimes she just plays with those outside of our gametime, she likes to stack them in different combinations. HIghly recommended. Check this out to see us playing:

How To Play

Carefully load the wobbly boat perched on its uneven ocean base while balancing the cargo. Roll the picture die to see which of the 25 cargo pieces to put aboard. If you spill the cargo, you're out! The last player left is the Stormy Seas winner!