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Squigz Deluxe set of 50

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Squigz Deluxe Set, named "Best in Play" by Parenting Magazine, are these fun, flexible little suckers. They come in eight different shapes and stick to each other and any flat, non-porous surface without leaving a mark.

Just break out your creativity and fine motor skills to make anything your pliable little mind can dream up. Build a tree, a rocket ship, an octopus. Or, create an enchanted forest where aliens and octopi live peacefully together in suction cup bliss in an abandoned rocket ship.

Because in the land of Squigz, anything is possible as long as you can dream it...even land-bound octopi and earth-dwelling aliens. Includes 50 pieces.

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The Idea

This set comes with 50 colorful pieces that stick to each other & any nonporous surface.

The Brains

Helps improve pattern recognition and spatial processing while paying attention to detail.

The A-Ha

Named 'Best in Play' by Parenting Magazine, Squigz will inspire hours of creative play.

Brain Health Expert Says

Exercise parts of your brain important in fine motor coordination as you manipulate the pieces to create different shapes.


ASTRA Best Toy for Kids Award

The Brain Coach Says

I challenge you to play with Squigz and not have fun. It's impossible! And if you think it's just for kids, you should see our Brain Coaches playing with them.

Give yourself the Deluxe Treatment.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

Kids LOVE this!


I bought these for my preschool class. They LOVE squigz. They love that these stick to the table and they love the popping sound when pulled apart. I love that it helps the children with muscle development. Honestly I also enjoy squigs. I highly recommend this product!



My son said his daughter (2) and son (4) are loving playing with it. Not like the "usual" toys. Deeply appreciated. Good work, Marbles!

Pieces don't stay stuck


I bought this toy because I saw all the awards it received, and liked that it was different from all the other building toys I have (magnetic blocks, wooden blocks, duplo, tinker toys, lincoln logs, train tracks for the little ones, lego, playmobil, knex, etc. for the older ones). I liked that it was very free form and thought there was much room for creativity. However, we are having trouble playing with it because as we're halfway through building, pieces start disconnecting on their own. At $1 a piece, I expected more.

From Marbles:

Oh, no, we're sorry to hear that the Squigz are popping apart. We've built some truly awe-inspiring designs in the stores and headquarters using a large amount of Squigz. Could it be that they're being stacked too? Even the Squigz are susceptible to gravity! If you have any other questions, please call our Customer Service at 1-877-527-2460, or email them at