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Squigz Benders

| Marbles_Junior
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It’s time to floober your Squigz collection up a zonkity with the new add-on, Squigz Benders! This expansion pack includes 18 bendable bits to expand your imagination even further.

Create whirling lassos, wearable goggles, or any Suess-like contraption. Anything is possible the Squigz’ contorting companions. The Benders set even includes one extra piece of each classic Squigz specimen; Pip, Gobnob, Skootch, Yoink, Wonkity, and a Zorbit.

Your sense of playful curiosity will be satiated when you discover all the things you can do with the Squigz Benders set!

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The Idea

This set comes with 18 bendable bits that stick to each other and any nonporous surface.

The Brains

Helps improve pattern recognition and spatial processing while paying attention to detail.

The A-Ha

Named "Best in Play" by Parenting magazine, Squigz will inspire hours of creative play.

Brain Health Expert Says

"Exercise parts of your brain important in fine motor coordination as you manipulate the pieces to create different shapes. "

The Brain Coach Says

Now there's even more freedom when assembling your Squigz creations. Definitely a necessary companion set!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
Inside the Box
  • Includes 12 Benders: 6 Blue Benders (4 inches), 6 Green Benders (6 inches)
  • Includes 6 Original Squigz: Pip, Gobnob, Skootch, Yoink, Wonkity, Zorbit
  • Dimensions4x4x9.25
    publisherFat Brain Toys
    DepartmentCritical Thinking
    # of Players1+

    How To Play

    Simply push Squigz down on any smooth surface and watch baby interact with this high-quality silicone suction toy.