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This game will wip your flig (flip your wig). Sometimes known as a spoonerism, we’ve renamed this clever wordplay exercise Splickety Lit.

Each question has words or phrases that have their beginning fonsonants clipped (consonants flipped…you pet the gicture). The challenge is to answer the Splickety Lit question correctly in the mame sanner. So, if asked who Skuke Lywalker's father was, you can confidently shout out (spoiler alert) "Varth Dader"

Engaging your memory, word skills, and comprehension speed, Splickety Lit is a winner that'll keep everyone guessing, from fart to stinish.

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The Idea

Answer trivia as spoonerisms, words with beginning consonants flipped.

The Brains

Build focus while improving auditory processing & listening comprehension.

The A-Ha

Teams face off in Rattle Bounds & Beam Tattles to be first to get from Fart to Stinish.

Brain Health Expert Says

Speech production and comprehension areas as well as memory centers are thoroughly engaged as you listen to familiar, yet tricky words and phrases and recall facts to answer the questions.

The Brain Coach Says

Splickety Lit is fuper sun, but beware! This game will have you speaming in droonerisms.

Were you born with a silver spoonerism in your mouth? There's only way to find out!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
Inside the Box
  • Game board
  • 500 question cards (2000 questions)
  • 50 "Rattle Bound: cards
  • 2 "Pame Geeses" (game pieces)
  • 1 Die
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players4+

Customer Reviews

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Good overall, could use minor tweaks


I bought this game for my dad for Christmas because he loves spoonerisms. My mom sister and I had a blast playing it on Christmas Eve, and it was definitely a brain workout! He loved it and said it was a good pick. We found enough variety among the questions that we could generally find a question on each card that we thought was answerable. - my sister and I are in our 20s and my parents are both in their 50s. We found a couple areas for improvement. For example, some words are spelled phonetically, so when spoonerized they became almost unrecognizable. We had to pause the whole game and figure it out as a group and then discard it and start the turn over again. It would be helpful to have clarification in future editions of the cards, and show both the literal and phonetic spellings. The English language can be so complicated!We personally did not like when words were spoonerized internally within the single word. We could easily identify Pea Soup as Sea Poop, but we really struggled with the single word. (I'd give a better example of this directly from the cards, but the game went home with my dad) We were also pretty thrown off by triple-word spoonerisms (Three little pigs - which direction do you switch the letters?) and whether the spoonerisms would involve simply the first letter of each word, or first two letters (Captain Crunch would technically still be Captain Crunch, but they used two letters to make Craptain Cunch)The above mentioned issues may not necessarily need to be eliminated, but rather the cards separated into a "next level" pack of cards to increase the challenge level once everyone masters the typical spoonerism. Don't let these minor things deter you! Just mark those questions if you don't like them, and they don't use them in the future! There are a gazillion other questions that are perfectly done. The biggest danger of this game is that if you really get going with it, you will continue to spoonerize your sentences after the game is over and everybody around you will think you are nuts.

New Instructions


We in The Brain Workshop would like to thank everyone who took the time to review Splickety Lit. Based on your feedback, we have created a new set of instructions, which are available as a free download on the product's main page. We are constantly working to make our products even smarter, so please keep your reviews coming!

Great concept...but too cumbersonme...


I was very excited when I brought this to the family. A group of six of us (ages 15-71) gathered at the table to give it a go. It is a great idea, but just a bit too challenging for most in our group. The problem is that the spoonerisms are a cool idea, but the trivia questions were near impossible for our group. In addition, as mentioned in an earlier post, it was a little unclear on instructions (ie: which question to read). The result is we ended up abonding the game after a while. My wife and I will probably give it another try, but if the manufacture tweaks the game it could go from mental meltdown to a whimsical wordplay!

From Marbles:

To suggest this game was a "wakecalk" would be a lie, but we are sorry the game was not a "hash smit" with your family. The next time you give it a try, we suggest doing a quick scan of the four questions on the card and then choosing the one you think is the most possible for everyone playing to answer. (That way players have a chance to warm up and get in the right "sind met!")

Fun enough


I bought this as a family game for Christmas for a family that loves playing games. This was fun enough but I wish I had bought Mindstein instead. We had about 5-6 people and it wasn't quite enough to keep the game moving. I do think this will be more fun with 2 large groups. Positives: the spoonerisms are fun, challenge the brain, and keep everyone laughing. What didn't work well for us were: 1) the game board is quite flimsy and it's hard to keep the pieces where they belong; 2) many of the questions were trivia questions focused on current pop culture (which hopefully IMO will fade quickly). Some people might enjoy this but for us, these were impossible to answer and none of us would want to spend the time to ever be able to answer them. 3) There were no instructions re: which question to read of the 4 on each question card.
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