Splickety Lit

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    Answer trivia as spoonerisms, words with beginning consonants flipped.

    Build focus while improving auditory processing and listening comprehension.

    Teams face off in Rattle Bounds and Beam Tattles to be first to get from Fart to Stinish.

    This game will wip your flig (flip your wig)! Sometimes known as a spoonerism, we’ve renamed this clever wordplay exercise Splickety Lit. Each question has words or phrases that have their beginning fonsonants clipped (consonants flipped…you pet the gicture). The challenge is to answer the Splickety Lit question correctly in the mame sanner. So, if asked who Skuke Lywalker’s father was, you can confidently shout out (spoiler alert) "Varth Dader!” Engaging your memory, word skills, and comprehension speed, Splickety Lit is a winner that’ll keep everyone guessing, from fart to stinish!

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Speech production and comprehension areas as well as memory centers are thoroughly engaged as you listen to familiar, yet tricky words and phrases and recall facts to answer the questions."

    Splickety Lit

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    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Splickety Lit is fuper sun, but beware! This game will have you speaming in droonerisms.

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