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Spikeball Combo Meal

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Beach volleyball was once reserved for shirtless dudes and bikini-clad babes who had the foresight to reserve the net or the patience to wait their turn. You, sadly, have neither. And really, who could blame you for not planning ahead for what was supposed to be a laidback day at the beach anyway?

Good thing there’s Spikeball, a portable, no-reservations-required game that’s kinda, sorta like volleyball. In Spikeball, the net is more like a small trampoline that’s placed between two teams of two. Just hit the ball on the net so it bounces up to your opponents who have three chances to bounce it back to you. 


  • Easy to assemble Spikeball net
  • Drawstring carrying bag  
  • 3 balls
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The Idea

Hit the ball on the net to your opponents, who have three chances to bounce it back.

The Brains

Engages brain areas important for motor function and hand-eye coordination.

The A-Ha

Works just as well on sand, grass, or carpet.

Brain Health Expert Says

Brain areas important for motor function and hand-eye coordination are highly engaged when you play Spikeball.

The Brain Coach Says

Spike Ball reminds of my childhood summers spent playing games outdoors. It's fun, competitive and definitely gets you moving.

You can serve it, but you better not eat it.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age12+
# of Players2+

Customer Reviews

My favorite beach game


Love to play with my family and friends. A cross between volleyball and four square. We play all day and have tournaments to see who the best team is.

So much fun!! Great beach activity


Had so much fun with my adult family with this game at the beach. Quite challenging and good workout! Started to see this product everywhere

A growing new sport


Totally worth purchasing! Played it with some friends and had to have it. A mix between four-square and volleyball, Spikeball is versatile in that it can be played virtually anywhere (even comes in a handy travel pack). Technically for two-on-two games, the rules can be modified for two, three, or more players. Good for teen to adult players of any most athletic ability. Give it a few years and you will see it on beaches and playgrounds everywhere.

Hard, but fun


Got this over the summer and brought it to a family vacation-- hard for young kids but super fun for teenagers and adults. This one can get pretty exciting as you get the hang of it but beware it is hard.

How To Play

  1. Assemble the net
  2. Divide into two teams of two
  3. Spike a ball on the net to pass it to the other team
  4. Your team has three hits per possession of the ball before you must serve it back to the other team by spiking it on the net
  5. The first team to 21 points wins!