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Sphero SPRK

| Coordination
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There’s no rule that says learning shouldn't be fun, or that playing can’t be valuable. Kids love Sphero and now that love has been turned into something both brainy and creative. SPRK makes the skills of the future approachable and practical. And most importantly, fun!

The SPRK app lets you give your robot the orders with visual blocks representing code. Immediately see the connection between the program you created and how the guts of your Sphero work and react. Sphero SPRK Edition will inspire a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles all through play.

Fire up your imagination and break the rules about learning with all of Sphero SPRK's capabilities!

Teach Your Robot
Combine simple commands like roll, flip, spin, and color change to create more complex instructions for your robot to follow.

Text-Based Code Viewer
After combining commands, see the code and use this as a foundation to learn more about programming.

Accessible for all Ages
The SPRK app is designed to appeal to everyone - approachable for beginners yet sophisticated enough to challenge seasoned programmers.

Visual Block-Based Programming
Transform ideas into code by using visual blocks that represent our C-based language, OVAL.

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The Idea

Drive and code your robotic buddy to obey your every whim.

The Brains

Exercise STEAM powered play!

The A-Ha

Easy to learn yet sophisticated enough to enthrall expert coders.

Brain Health Expert Says

Sphero will develop logical thinking and creativity, both skills that are mediated by the prefrontal cortex.

Product Details

Brain Category

Not suitable for children under 4 years. Sphero SPRK Edition contains a functional sharp pencil - for use under direct supervision of an adult. Take extra care during unpacking and use.

Recommended Age5+

Customer Reviews

Very Impressed with this product


Just wanted to write and say what a great product the Sphero SPRK is.

Bought it a few days ago as a gift for my nephew, after one of the Sales Reps at the local Marbles store provided a cool quick demo.

There was another customer who suggested that a kid will like it for an hour; but that a tetris like game puzzle will keep them entertained for a long time.. (which may be true, to the credit of the puzzle game..)

So I had seeded in my mind a little bit of doubt that my 9 year old nephew would like it for longer than 1 hour, considering that kids nowadays seem to have so many options, and short attention spans from excessive options.

Well I was very happy that after he played it with multiple times throughout the evening, he expressed that he “loved it, soo cool!”; with the color changing LEDs (“Make it red, like Anger from Inside Out!...”, to tight controls, cool new unique physical design that popular culture hasn’t seen much of yet (until upcoming star wars..), fast speed, app controlled, and even the quick to learn entry level script programming which I hope will drive his interest in science and engineering; have to say it’s a great product and purchase for him!

He nicknamed it R2D2.

Excellent Product


I love this product. I am a Brain coach in our New York City location. This is not your ordinary robotic toy. There is so much things that you can do with it and my favorite part about this product is the augmented reality games. Sphero is a toy that you can never just toss away. It is worth every single penny. I love how the colors on the spark are more vibrant and the durability is just fantastic. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

The Future is Now!!


What’s not to love about a robotic ball, that you control from your smart device? Controlling this ‘wonder ball’ will take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be whizzing around the room. Beyond that, there are gaming options as well, from fastest reflex games, like color grab, to games where Sphero is the game controler, like Exile and Flappyball, and even to augmented reality games, where your environment becomes the game board. Those are enough to fall in love with Sphero, but they also offer an 8-week programing course through their website, gosphero.com. This lets you learn how to make the ball work. If you want to make the ball do _______, sphero gives you the skills to make it happen.

Great Jump Start Into Robotics!


Just when you didn't think Sphero couldn't get any cooler, they surprise you again! The translucence makes kids focus even more on the actual engineering and robotics of the ball. This gives kids an in into learning more about engineering at any age.