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Writing code to program a computer may seem daunting, but not within this little sphere. SPRK+ makes computer programming simpler, practical and (most importantly) fun! Cybernetically enhanced fun!

Connecting to SPRK+ for the first time and watching it glow is just the beginning. Would you rather it glowed in a different color? No problem. One of the first tutorials is an easy way to program SPRK+ to glow at you in any color on the spectrum! This only scratches the surface of what SPRK+ can do. Make it roll, flip and spin in varying speeds! Simple coding with satisfying results.

As programmers become more comfortable with their pint-sized, spherical computer pal, they can write more complex codes through visually-based learning. Multi-level functions, commands, and much more await.

How does SPRK+ work? Start by using phones and tablets to write commands through a visual interface on the SPRK+ app. Then assemble a series of commands to program the tiny computer inside the clear, plastic shell. Junior programmers will immediately see the connection between the program they created and how SPRK+ works and reacts. Using visual programming accessible for all ages to transform ideas into code, SPRK+ will inspire a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles, all through play.

In addition to having a waterproof and shockproof shell, the latest SPRK+ edition has a longer battery life and better traction than its predecessor. Fire up the imagination and re-write the rules about learning with all of SPRK+'s capabilities!

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The Idea

Drive and code your robotic buddy to obey your every whim.

The Brains

Exercise STEAM powered play!

The A-Ha

Easy to learn yet sophisticated enough to enthrall expert coders.

Brain Health Expert Says

Develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills while you learn to program SPRK+.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • SPRK+ app-enabled robot
  • USB cable
  • charging base
  • maze tape
  • stickers
  • protractor
  • instruction card
# of Players1+