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Sock Puppet Charades

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Are you ready for the next hilarious party game that's about to take the country by storm? Sure you've all played charades, and yes, it's pretty fun, but straight from the minds of our brilliant Brain Workshop comes Sock Puppet Charades!

Just like a game of charades...but with sock puppets! Brad Pupitt and Angelina Toelie are here to join in on the fun as you use a slew of props to act out the secret word. This imagination-bending party game will have you howling with laughter. Ya better hold on to your bunions, you're in for a wild night with Sock Puppet Charades! 

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The Idea

A classic game of charades but with sock puppets and small props.

The Brains

Exercise creative thinking and coordination.

The A-Ha

The props add a whole new dimension to classic charades

Brain Health Expert Says

These sock puppet scenarios will engage social intelligence, manual coordination, and creativity.


Major Fun Keeper, Major Fun Award, Parents Choice Award, Dr. Toy's 2015 Best Vacation Products

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsToy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended Age8+
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
Inside the Box
  • two sock puppets
  • one 60-second sand timer
  • a bag of props (one blue cloth, a circular piece, a large square, a small square, a glass piece, a dowel, a small spool, and a yellow pipe cleaner)
  • one score pad
  • 200 Charades cards
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players2+

Customer Reviews

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Very fun!


Great group game for teenagers and adults-- too hard for young kids but really got us all laughing. This will stay in the rotation for sure.

A Riot!


I played this game at my co workers house with her kids aged 8 and 10. It was so much fun to play. The kids had never played charades so even though they did not have the experience of playing sans sock puppets I truly appreciated the addition. I secretly call this game Charades 2.0. It really is great to get the creativity flowing in the family room.

New twist on charades


Sock puppet charades is such a cute and fun twist on playing charades. I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the sock puppets when I received them. I love seeing the look on my friends' faces when I bring this out after asking if anyone wants to pay charades!!

You will crack up laughing at this one!


This kind of reminds me of Pictionary, but SO MUCH MORE FUN!! This is an awesome party game, but watch out--your guests won't want to go home! Kids will love it too! The props and pieces are simple and super cute, which makes the game even funnier!!
Viewing 1 - 4 of 7
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How To Play


Are you the next Marlon Brandtoe, Michael J. Socks, or Marilyn Montoe? Let your
hands do the talkin’ as you use sock puppets & props to Act, dance, or even heimlich
maneuver your way to vicTOEry!

How to Play
The 1st actoer:
with time tickin’, the actoer picks any of the three cues, shouts out the
category (Action, Person, or thing) and begins performing their palms off
using the props for help (if necessary).
other players shout guesses (no penalty for wrong ones, so let ‘em fly) with
The actoer acknowledging correct ones before moving to the next cue.
when all three cues are guessed correctly or the timer runs out, the show
stops, scores are tallied, and the sock puppets are passed to the left.
NOTE: A correct answer can be any verb tense or form of the word on the
card. A correct answer can also be longer than the word on the card (For
example: bicycle = bike).
Actoer Rules
If the actoer decides to only wear 1 sock puppet, no problemo - Just know that
your naked hand can only be used to hold props not to help act.
actoers can only use their hands to perform (For example: no flapping your
arms to show ‘flying’).
actoers can make sounds, but cannot say words (For example: humming is
permitted, but ventriloquism is not).
• Individual Players score 1 point for each cue they correctly guess.
• actoers score 1 point for each cue correctly guessed by another player.
Winning the Game
With 3-4 players, each player is the actoer 3 times. With 5-6 players, each player is
actoers 2 times. The player with the most points at the end wins. Declare them the
Puppet Master! Bow down and smell their socks!

tie game? play another round with the next player in line as the actoer.