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Slackers Slackline 50'

| Coordination
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Bring out your inner Circus artist with the Slackers Slackline! Simply attach it to two trees in your favorite park or backyard and hop on top. Can you keep your balance as your walk across the length of the line? Probably not. The Slackline does take some practice as you build up strength and coordination skills, but practice makes perfect and soon enough you'll surprise yourself at how balanced you've become. It even comes with a bonus teaching line to give beginner's an extra boost. Get your own Slacklineand join in on the fun! It's the hottest thing to hit backyards, parks, and college campuses since the invention of the Sun. 

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The Idea

A 50' zipline that attaches to two trees to become a tightrope.

The Brains

Builds circus worthy coordination skills.

The A-Ha

Great to play anywhere!

Brain Health Expert Says

Stretch your cerebellum as you balance and find your sense of gravity, strengthening your overall equilibrium and brain.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age5+
Inside the Box
  • 50' slackline
  • 50' teaching line
  • Carry bag
  • Instructions
# of Players1+