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Ahhh, the 80s. That totally awesome decade that brought us big hair, 24/7 music videos, the Brat Pack and Simon.

Now, the classic electronic game of sharp memories and fast hands is back to exercise the minds of a new generation while giving the older fogies a little neuron nostalgia...ON THE GO!

This tiny little brain teaser easily clips to your key-chain bundle and will entertain you wherever you are.

Is the dentist a little behind schedule? Simon it up! Stuck in the backseat in traffic? Flip on Simon! Is your fast food order looking more like slow food? Whip out the Simon! Never be bored with the handy Simon carabinder.

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The Idea

A portable, carabinder version of classic Simon.

The Brains

Work your short term memory like never before.

The A-Ha

Ultra portability for ultimate memory fun.

Brain Health Expert Says

The hippocampus, which functions in memory storage and retrieval, is activated as you memorize, then replicate the sequence of lights and sounds.

The Brain Coach Says

Simon was one of my favorite games a kid and I still love playing it.  This portable version is great for car trips.

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