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Scrabble Pearl Edition

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It’s estimated that there are over a million missing Scrabble tiles stuffed under sofa cushions, lurking behind refrigerators and swimming in pipes all over the world.

You’ll want to keep track of every last one of the beautiful white urea tiles in Scrabble Pearl Edition. This modern take on the classic game boasts a rotating pearlescent board with foil stamping and a white sand timer, pencils and tile pouch that all seem to float ethereally on the table during gameplay.

Give it to the design-loving Scrabble junky in your life and they’ll think you’re a real angel. Trust us on this one.

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The Idea

Classic Scrabble on a rotating pearlescent board with foil stamping.

The Brains

Exercises vocabulary and planning skills.

The A-Ha

Perfect collector's board for the avid Scrabble fan.

Brain Health Expert Says

At any level of competition, it activates one's powers of memory and problem-solving, and builds vocabulary and planning skills.

The Brain Coach Says

I've been playing Scrabble since I was a small child, but with Scrabble Pearl, I feel classy and dignified. With a beautiful board that rotates, I can put my vocabulary skills to the test!

Surprisingly, this didn't come out of an oyster.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • Deluxe wooden game board with raised grid and turn table
  • 100 letter tiles
  • Fabric tile pouch
  • 4 wooden tile racks
  • Score book and pencil
  • Timer
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players2+ players

Customer Reviews

Beautiful game but


This is an absolutely beautiful game. I bought it as a gift for my husband. However, the packaging/packing was less than ideal and the box has a very slight dent in it. Usually would not be an issue but this is one of those games you want to store front and center. A dented box isn't the best look but exchanging it was going to be too much hassle.

Worth the wait


This us a lovely board, well made, and it is very easy to read the tiles with the contrasting black on white. Stylish, but no loss to function. Highly recommend if you can find one! Just be careful of the ads for the pearl edition which do NOT have the turning board this one has.

How To Play

Grab seven letter tiles out of the bag (without peeking!) and place them on your rack. Take turns placing letter tiles on the board to create words that can be found in the dictionary. Each letter tile is assigned a point value, and once each word is played calculate your total. Continue playing by connecting new words with already played words laid on the board. The game ends when all the tiles are used up and whoever has the most amount of points wins!