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Brain Showers - Study of the Human Body

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We at Marbles believe showers are for more than just singing. Why not boost your brain power while getting all lathered up? Enter Brain Showers. Specifically, our glow-in-the-dark human body diagram. It's got essentially everything you need to know about the human body - without any gross stuff. Simply step behind the curtain and see what lines up! From bones to organs, this diagram gives you the opportunity to learn not only what's inside you, but where to find it.
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The Idea

Learn what you have on the inside while you're cleaning what's on the outside.

The Brains

Strengthen connections in the hippocampus to improve memory storage and retrieval.

The A-Ha

Charts glow in the dark, just in case you have trouble spotting the zygomatic arch.

The Brain Coach Says

I love this shower curtain because you don't have to put learning on hold to take a shower. It's also a great decorative statement for your bathroom!

Did you know that your body contains enough bones to make a human skeleton?

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