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Say The Word

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Kind creatives and memory marvels can finally come together to play a party game that will juice up everyone’s cerebral cortex. Meet Say the Word, a gregarious and cooperative storytelling adventure...if only players can remember how the story goes! Choose one player to serve as the Story Master, or, the monitor of sorts, for the round and keep switching them out once a round is over. Players take turns playing a Word card as they create a story along the way. The special word must be used as the player continues to tell the story, but once a word card is played, the player places the card face down and the Story Master secretly jots it down for their record. The group must continue to play a new card while reciting the events of the story thus far, but if you forget, help is on the way! Give the Story Master one Clue Token and they can act out the word until you remember what it was. If you don’t, the round is over and no one collects any points. Say The Word is the hilarious repeat-after-me storytelling game that will fill everyone’s mind with glee!

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The Idea

Build a story cooperatively by playing word cards and remembering the story.

The Brains

Your hippocampus and prefrontal cortex will be in overdrive during gameplay.

The A-Ha

If you forget a word, a teammate can charade it for you.

Brain Health Expert Says

Your hippocampus and prefrontal cortex will be in overdrive as you play this cooperative storytelling game.

The Brain Coach Says

The cooperative nature of the game is fun and doesn't damage too many egos while playing. And trust me, whenever I play a wordy game, I always accidentally damage egos.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age10+
Inside the Box
  • 200 word cards
  • 19 character cards
  • 16 challenge cards
  • 1 anybody board
  • 1 dry erase pen
  • 5 clue tokens
  • instructions
publisherPeaceable Kingdom
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players3-6

How To Play

  1. Player 1 chooses a Word Card from his hand and uses that word in  a phrase or sentence to start the story.  He shows the other players the card, places it face down next to the Character Card, and then draws another Word Card.  It is now the next player's turn.
  2. Player 2 chooses a Word Card from his/her hand, repeats the story thus far, adds her word in a phrase or sentence, shows her card to the other players and then places her card face down next to the previous card, making a row.
  3. Player 3 chooses a Word Card from her hand and continues playing.
  4. Word Cards are played one at time until the total number of cards is reached. The Story Master writes each Word Card word on the Story Board.
  5. Once 10 or 12 Word Cards have been played , the next player must repeat the story from memory. If the last player repeats the entire story remembering all 10 or 12 of the Word Card words, the players win! (Players do not have to remember the story word for word, but must recall each word card in order)
  6. If at any point in the round a player cannot remember a Word Card word and there are no more Clue Tokens, the players lose. The Story Master makes the call that the round is lost.