Rush Hour Collector's Edition

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    Setup traffic jams based on cards, and slide cars out of the way to free the red one!

    Engage your occipital lobe and exercise your parietal lobe to modulate spatial awareness.

    With ThinkFun we created a new version with a bigger game board and cars made of beech wood.

    The original bumper-to-bumper brain stumper by ThinkFun has won numerous awards and sold millions of copies worldwide. And if you ask us, a game that good deserves an heirloom-quality version that's worthy of adorning the coffee tables of generations of brainiacs. So we teamed up with ThinkFun to create Rush Hour Collector's Edition, a sleeker version of the game with a bigger game board and cars made of gorgeous beech wood. The gameplay is the same: Set up traffic jams based on one of the 100 challenge cards and slide vehicles out of the way to create a path for the red car.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Improve your concentration as you engage your occipital lobe keeping track of different colors; exercise your parietal lobe to modulate spatial awareness."

    Rush Hour Collector's Edition

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    Select your level of difficulty and a puzzle in the corresponding level. Follow the instructions and place the pieces on the board. Find the correct sequence of sliding the cards and open a pathway for the red car to exit the board. Successfully clear the traffic jam and you win!

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    format skills game
    number of players solo
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    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I’m a bit of a Rush-Hour Fanatic, and now I have this bigger, gorgeous wooden Edition for my living room! My friends come over and can’t stop playing this addictive sliding-puzzle game.