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Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, scientist and all-around uber-genius who discovered the laws of the lever, which in playground terms is basically a teeter-totter. The idea of levers and balance inspired Matt Buchanan to enter (and win!) the 2012 Marbles Game Design Contest with a game aptly named Rock Me Archimedes.

Combining strategy, skill and a little bit of luck, the game consists of a wooden board that rocks like a teeter totter, a special die and 28 marbles.

To win, just be the first player to oh-so-carefully get four marbles to your end of the board without reaching the tipping point, causing it to touch the table.

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The Idea

Get four marbles to the end of the board without reaching the tipping point to win.

The Brains

Engage your parietal and frontal lobes with critical thinking and visual perception.

The A-Ha

Move for the goal or try to unbalance your opponent - there's two ways to win.

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  • Parade
    "A delightful and inventive way to practice language skills with your young ones."Visit Link

Brain Health Expert Says

The parietal lobe is important for visual perception and decision making, and the frontal lobe is crucial for critical thinking and decision making. Both lobes are highly engaged in this game of balance and strategy.


2012 Marbles Game Design Contest

The Brain Coach Says

The quality and the design of this game is amazing. It's the kind of thing that you can leave out on the coffee table to show-off. It's easy to learn so you can easily start to play a game with anyone who takes an interest in it. There's even a nifty marble storage container built into the base so that you never lose your marbles!

Don't worry, you medulla oblon-got this!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
Inside the Box
  • 1 Wooden rocker board
  • 1 Wooden platform
  • 1 Marble tray
  • 1 Die
  • 12 Black marbles
  • 12 White marbles
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2

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Great Product, Reasonable Buy, Must Have for your Game Room!


This is made of a high quality wood that would last for generations to come! Good game, awesome quality, great store! All in all, a must have! P.S. Rules require a good 30-45 minutes to read and understand.

No skill needed...STAY AWAY


For the life of me I cannot explain all the 5 Star reviews on his game. I had high hopes for it but it highly disappointed my wide and I. I'm not a board game geek by any stretch. This game is just not as advertised. We found it impossible to lose by rocking the board one way or the other. No thinking skills necessary with this one. Perhaps for a 6 year old though. Highly recommend NOT buying if you are an adult.

Rock Me Archimedes


Grandsons who are 11 and 12 years old loved this.
Thanks for a great product!!

Gets boring quickly


Our initial impression of this game was that it would be a winner. We quickly discovered, however, that under the regular rules it really was just a random "race to the finish." We have swapped out some rules to make it more challenging, but it really is not that great of a game for our young teens. I think it might be an excellent game for bright 4-7 year olds who are just starting to explore concepts of balance. I teach science to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students and expect to take my home game to school, where it will be a better fit than with my family.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 23
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How To Play

On your turn, either add one of your marbles to any space in the mid zone, or roll the die and move one or more of your marbles the number of spaces indicated. If either end of the rocker board touches the table, the player who caused it to happen forfeits the game and his or her opponent wins.

How to Win:

Be the first player to get four marbles to your end zone without causing it to touch the table.

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