Robot Face Race

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Welcome to the future where robots are everywhere. Artificial intelligence is right around the corner, Netflix is deciding for us what movies we should watch, and there are even cars that can parallel park themselves.

In Robot Face Race, one loopy robot inventor has built over 100 robots but forgot to give them heads, and robots are useless without their head! Shake the robot randomizer and watch how it reveals the special colors of a unique robot’s face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Then, the search begins!

The first player to find a match on the board wins a token and the first to five tokens wins the game.

Robot Face Race is a wonderful game to teach kids concentration, visual perception and discrimination skills, a key part of the brain to exercise at a pre-reading level. It’s fun, fast paced, and easy to learn which makes it a great way to workout the brains of those in Pre-K and up!

Sorting out this Robo-conundrum is sure to make for a lively and entertaining game night for the whole family.

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The Idea

Use the randomizer to select matching robot faces on the board.

The Brains

Test your visual scanning speed and memory matching skills.

The A-Ha

Earn a token for every match. First player to 5 tokens wins!

Brain Health Expert Says

This visual search game will test feature-based attention and visual discrimination.

The Brain Coach Says

Playing Robot Face Race with my little sister has rocket powered my visual discrimination skills like no other. I'm sure she'd say the same thing!

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
Inside the Box
  • Game Board with 120 unique robot heads
  • 20 robot scoring tokens
  • Robot Randomizer
  • Instructions
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players2

Customer Reviews

Good game


It's good for kids under 10. I have fun playing this too. Very easy to learn. However the shaker (which determines what kind of robo to find) is not very good. The balls get stuck in it all the time and I have to tap t again and again

Cute and fun!


What I like about this game is that it is just as challenging for adults as for 4 year olds! LOL I was struggling finding the cute little guys all the while my granddaughter was having a ball with my struggle. We played it for a long time and she and I both had fun and improved as the game progressed. At first , she could not get the multiple things to look for so we just looked for face and eyes. It was fun and age appropriate. Don't think this is just a " boys game"

Love This Game!!!!


My boys love playing this game. They sat for hours playing together...peacefully!

How To Play

  1. The Robot Randomizer tells you what to look for. Shake it and watch it magically reveal the colors of the robot's face, eyes, nose and mouth. Ready, set, SEARCH!
  2. Everyone scans the board, looking for the robot head that matches the features shown on the Robot Randomizer.
  3. The first lucky player to find the matching head earns a scoring token. Gather five tokens during the game to WIN!