rewards card members

    Get rewarded for shopping at any of our locations with the Marbles Rewards Membership Program!

    • Only for in-store purchases. (Rewards may not be gained or used for online purchases)

    • You earn a point for every dollar you spend in the store, and for every $200 you spend (before tax), you receive $20 off of your next purchase! Just present your Rewards Card at the register when you make your purchases and points will be added to your account. Your point total is added automatically!

    • If something happens to your card, or you forget to bring it into the store when you’re shopping, it’s OK—just tell the BrainCoach your last name and they will be able to find you in our system and add those Reward points to your order.

    • Your Reward Points never expire

    • You can collect multiple rewards and use them all at once, or one at a time

    • In addition, you’ll start receiving our brainy newsletter, which includes Brain Tips, New Product Info, upcoming Special Events, and special Reward Members Only deals


    If you have any questions about the Marbles Rewards Program, please contact us.
    If you are not yet a Rewards Member but would like to be, visit the Marbles nearest you.