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    Getting four in a row is easy, but not so much when your opponent picks what you play.

    Test your judgment and organizational skills to outwit your opponent.

    A player can win with four in a row of any attribute: size, shape, color or top.

    If there were a popularity contest for games, QUARTO! would be class president, prom king and head cheerleader all rolled into one. The object of one of the world's most award-winning games is seemingly simple: outwit other players by lining up four pieces with common characteristics. But, as with all good-for-your-brain games, there's a catch: your opponent chooses the piece you play with. QUARTO! not only tests your strategic, visual perception and deductive reasoning skills, this handsome, crafted-from-wood game also looks cunningly cute on a coffee table. Smart and sexy. Head cheerleaders everywhere would be jealous.

    Brain Specialist Says:

    "Test your judgment, organizational skills and ability to categorize as you keep track of the multiple attributes of the playing pieces."


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    How to Play:

    There are 16 pieces that do not belong to either player. Each piece has a variation of four groups of physical traits: (Color: light or dark, Shape: round or square, Height: tall or short, Fill: solid or hollow). In turn, players choose any piece and hand it to their opponent. The player who receives the piece places it on any of the 16 empty spaces on the board.

    How to Win:

    The first player to put down a piece that creates a row of four pieces that contain the same trait is the winner. For example: Any four round pieces in a row is a win; any four solid pieces in a row is a win; any four dark pieces in a row is a win; etc.


        Quarto Rules .PDF


    Additional Information

    format board game
    number of players 2 players
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I love that Quarto combines strategy and visual perception. I love how the game changes with each move and that you choose your opponents pieces for them. It's also very beautiful, easy to learn and I can play it with my niece up to my Grandpa.

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