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Pongo Table Tennis Set Blue

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Table tennis used to be relegated to basements decked out in shag carpet and international competitions where very intense players bounced a hollow ball back and forth with near-freakish speed.

But the game is becoming, dare we say, hip - with intramural leagues and trendy Ping-Pong bars popping up in cities around the country to give hipsters an exercise in hand-eye coordination.

Get in on the brain-boosting fun with the Pongo Table Tennis Set by Umbra. This portable and decidedly retro chic set features a weighted net so you can set up a game on any smooth surface, no mounting necessary. The weighted net can be set up on any smooth surface table up to 6 feet wide.

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The Idea

A portable, retro-chic version of classic Ping-Pong.

The Brains

Strengthens hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The A-Ha

The retractable, weighted net and fold-up paddles let you set up on any flat surface.

Brain Health Expert Says

Practice your hand-eye coordination and motor quickness on the go when you play Pongo Table Tennis.

The Brain Coach Says

I love this design. It's simple, sleek, and durable, and it's easy to take with you and get set up to play anywhere.

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Recommended Age8+

Customer Reviews

Ping Pong wherever you are :)


This portable ping pong set is great! I live in an apartment, so I dont have the space for a big table-I love that I can set this up anywhere or bring it to a friends to play!

How To Play

Set up the net on your favorite table or any smooth surface for a classic game of table tennis (no hardware required!). If you're a stickler for doing things the right way, check out the USA Table Tennis organization for table tennis.