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Play-Doh Classic Style Fun Tools

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An original product back in the style of its original packaging. Like reruns of classic TV shows. The Play-Doh® Fun Tools set has been entertaining kids since 1960. This particular set comes in packaging reminiscent of the 1960s as a loving nod to Play-Doh®'s beginnings. The set boasts a wealth of tools plus 8 cans of Play-Doh®, the same substance that's loved by kids and trusted by parents for decades. Also has Fun Tools Guide and Double-Sided Play Mat for making shapes and protecting surfaces. Reconnect with a classic.
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The Idea

Package an original Play-Doh® product in the original packaging.

The Brains

Shapes imagination and creativity through squishy tactile work.

The A-Ha

Play-Doh® has been popular since Dwight D. Eisenhower was President!

Brain Health Expert Says

Play-Doh inspires creativity as well as working fine motor skills and dexterity.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
Inside the Box
  • 8 one ounce cans of Play-Doh
  • guide
  • double-sided laminated play mat & idea menu
  • 3 texture stamp blocks
  • 1 wave texture rolling pin
  • 1 flat rolling pin
  • 1 double-sided sculpting tool
  • 1 trimming knife
  • 1 multi-sided texture hammer
# of Players1+