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PlasmaCar - Red

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The PlasmaCar moves without an engine. It moves without pedals. It moves without batteries. It moves by...turning the steering wheel. That's it! Put it down on a smooth, flat surface. Place feet on the foot rests and lean forward. Turn the steering wheel back and forth and away you go! You can even go in reverse by rotating the steering wheel 180 degrees!

The engines for PlasmaCar are the natural forces of inertia, friction, centrifugal force and kid energy. Riders sit in a patented safety seat design that maximizes motion and minimizes tipping. Strong enough to support 220 pounds! Not recommended for use on wood floors; the wheels may damage some floors.

Enjoy this racing car red version as PlasmaCar pilots propel themselves using the engines of nature!

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The Idea

A kid car that needs no engine, pedals or batteries.

The Brains

Easy physical movements utilize natural propulsion and increase blood flow to the brain.

The A-Ha

The steering wheel does all the work!


Parents Choice Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, National Parenting Seal of Approval

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsSmall parts. Choking and suffocation hazard. Not recommended for children under 36 months.
Recommended Age3+
# of Players1