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Juggling in a Brain Store? Definitely! In fact, research shows that learning to three-ball cascade juggle increases gray matter in the occipito-temporal cortex in just a week. Translation: After seven days of tossing, catching, and yes, sometimes dropping three balls, you'll build motor skills and strengthen the part of your brain that processes information. Double bonus: You'll burn up to 280 calories an hour. And since juggling is a low-impact exercise, JuggleFit makes a great brain and body workout for ages 14 through 114!

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The Idea

Everything you need to learn to juggle and get some entertaining exercise.

The Brains

Test your hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

The A-Ha

3 juggling balls, 3 nylon juggling scarves, and 1 beginner level JuggleFit DVD.

Brain Health Expert Says

Test your hand-eye coordination and motor skills as you learn to throw and catch these items with perfect timing.

The Brain Coach Says

I ran away from home and joined the circus after playing with this kit--just kidding! But it was tempting, with the helpful DVD and scarves to help me practice!

There's a lot to juggle in life; family, kids, work, etc. Reduce it down to three balls and relive some stress!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
Inside the Box
  • 3 high quality juggling balls
  • 3 nylon juggling scarves
  • 1 beginner level JuggleFit DVD featuring Lead Trainer Heather Wolf
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Customer Reviews

JuggleFit Kit Good for Use in Special Education


I purchased the kit for the express purpose of helping my fourth grade students to expand their mind. I wanted to be able to juggle myself. I am having trouble coordinating my actions. The DVD is extremely helpful. Once I can at least keep the three balls going, I will share with my students. I like the weight of the balls. The scarves are more difficult because they float, but they can be grabbed more easily than the balls. The workmanship of the materials is excellent.

My daughter loves this proudct.


I bought this for my 13 year-old daughter. She loves this and learned to juggle.