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Perplexus Rookie

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If you want to see something a-MAZE-ing, look no further than Perplexus. This fascinating creation will work problem solving and maneuvering skills in unique ways. This isn't the usual flat maze. This is a multi-level challenge. Guide a single silver ball through a maze within a globe. Employ three-dimensional thinking. Use twists, turns and bends never before seen in maze-solving.

Perplexus Rookie is just the right way to get started. It gives your mind and visual acuity a delightful test while readying you for even more complex Perplexus puzzles. Take the challenge and find your way to finish. Once you start, you won't want to put it down.

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The Idea

A three-dimensional maze within a globe.

The Brains

Exercises visual perception, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and quick thinking.

The A-Ha

Expands thinking on getting from one point to another into all new dimensions.

Brain Health Expert Says

Engage the visual centers of the brain as you maneuver the ball throughout the maze improving hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Product Details

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Recommended Age4+
# of Players1