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Perplexus Epic

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Two things make a maze addictive. First, it has to be challenging enough to hold your interest. And second, it has to be possible to solve so you can experience the thrill of victory (and not go completely mad.) Perplexus Epic meets both criteria. This 3-D labyrinth challenges players to carefully flip, shift and twist a transparent sphere as they try to maneuver a small marble around 125 barriers. Perplexus Epic will entertain both children and adults alike as they think in 360 degrees, exercise their fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination.
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The Idea

Navigate the ball along the numbered track by rotating sphere.

The Brains

Engage the visual centers of the brain while improving hand-eye coordination.

The A-Ha

If the ball falls, you must start over; guide the ball through all 125 barriers to win!

Brain Health Expert Says

Engage the visual centers of the brain as you maneuver the ball throughout the maze improving hand-eye coordination and concentration.

The Brain Coach Says

Perplexus Epic has it all - it is a great coordination, memory, visual and critical thinking activity! It provides an overall workout for the brain while delivering a high level of fun and an increasing challege as you move further through the maze. All ages are attracted to it making it a terrific family activity!

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Brain Category
Recommended Age5+
# of Players1

Customer Reviews

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Great toy!!!


I enjoyed using this with a friend. We both had an amazing time!!

The hit of Christmas


Gift for my 8 year old grandson, who loves it. The only problem is keeping it out of the hands of his siblings, ages 10, 13 and 14, plus dad. Non-stop competition between them!

Just Do It


This was awesome. Though it is a little pricey this is totally worth the money if you have the patience for it.

Great gift!


I bought the Perplexus Epic for my 13 year nephew for Christmas and he loved it! I would recommend it to anyone that wants to be totally challenged!
Viewing 1 - 4 of 10
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How To Play

How to Play: Try to get gravity to be on your side; turn the Perplexus Epic so that the ball inside stays on the track as you navigate through the barriers. To win: If you can get the ball through all 125 barriers, you've conquered the Perplexus Epic.