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Pathwords - Brain Fitness Edition

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We loved the combo of Tetris®-style tetromino pieces and word search in PathWords so much that we decided to make a special Brain Fitness edition of this single-player game.

To play, just pick a challenge card ranging from beginner to expert and place the tetromino pieces onto the game grid so the letters under each piece spell a word either forward or backward. Win or lose, you'll strengthen the parts of your brain responsible for reasoning, visual perception and word skills.

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The Idea

Search the board for words & cover them with the colored puzzle pieces.

The Brains

Exercise the word form area of your temporal lobe, as well as visual processing.

The A-Ha

Choose from the 40 puzzle cards & work to cover every letter square on the card.

Brain Health Expert Says

Make use of your visual word form area (in the temporal cortex) to search for words in a variety of challenging puzzles.


2009 Gold Medal Winner, Living Now Book Awards, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, NAPPA Gold Award, Parents Choice Award

The Brain Coach Says

Make use of your visual word form area (in the temporal cortex) to search for words in a variety of challenging puzzles.

Get wordy nerdy off the beaten path. 

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age12+
Inside the Box
  • Game Grid with Storage for Puzzle Pieces
  • 1 Spiral-Bound Booklet with 80 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert with solutions
  • 8 Colored Puzzle Pieces
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players1

Customer Reviews

Give Your Brain A Boost


If you love word search puzzles you'll love the game. It is a brain boosting twist on word search. Pick a puzzle to complete in the book, choose the corresponding pieces and try to find the words hidden in the puzzle using the colored pieces to complete a square.

It is challenging with multiple levels. I am currently starting with the beginners level and it is challenging. I love the puzzle ????. That indicates they are not telling you the color pieces to use to complete the task.

Try this puzzle, you won't be disappointed.

How To Play

How to Play: Choose one of the 80 puzzles and slid the challenge booklet under the clear game grid. Search the board for words that fit under the colored Tetris-style puzzle pieces.

How to Win: Arrange the puzzle pieces so every letter square (and none of the blank squares) is covered by a piece. Words can run forwards or backwards, but not every word you find will fit the puzzle's solution.